OLS Philosophy

OLS Hotels & Resorts strives to create a work force as diverse as its customer base. As part of the OLS Philosophy, OLS associates are committed to:

  • Guest service is part of our daily mission.
  • Greeting all guests immediately with individual attention.
  • Using guest names whenever possible, with a warm greeting and smile.
  • Believing that learning is a continuing and coveted acquisition.
  • Professional telephone skills which are a foundation for successful guest communication and service.
  • Recognizing that an upbeat attitude and smile are keys to unlocking guest satisfaction.
  • Maintaining an open line of communication with management in order to provide feedback and improve service.
  • Being ambassadors for their hotel and our company.
  • Realizing the necessity to sometimes perform outside their respective job parameters.
  • All staff will present themselves in a professional manner; being mindful of verbiage, tone of voice and body language.